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Welcome to Lincoln Transload & Processing


Our Services


Lincoln Transload and Processing, LLC is a specialized full-service feed ingredient Toll processor.


  • Homogenize your product for a consistent color, protein, texture
  • Average out moisture and densities
  • Full multi-ingredient blend
  • Grind, Mix, bag, tote, bulk or pellet in any combination


Ground or Pelleted

  • Fine grind
  • Course grind
  • To meet your Sieve goal



Bulk to Bags or Totes

  • Plain sewn kraft bag
  • Printed bags
  • Totes (ours or yours)
  • Inbound bulk
  • We also De-pack origin Bags and Totes bulk or into a new packaging

Take advantage of all the possibilities available with Lincoln Transload & Processing we are aligned with your needs.

De-pack Bags and Totes


In business to help YOUR business process raw feed ingredients.

From pack to bulk


Any combination, our team works with you to add value for your feed ingredient mix.

10 way blend to bag


Resources Meet Demands

Dry Package & Bin Storage Available

114,000 sq ft warehouse with a 12 van loading dock ready to serve you

Dry Packaged warehouse

Bulk to Bulk


Lot specific Supersacks

Receiving and Outbound opportunities include Bulk Hopper, trucks and cars, pneumatic trucks and cars and Box cars

When convenience matters.

Lincoln Transload Processing is your gateway!

Located in central Illinois, 2250 5th Street, Lincoln, IL 62656.

  • 34 miles from the Midwest Inland Port
  • ‚Äč132 miles from the Chicago port
  • Within 4 hours of several pet food manufacturers.

Illinois is the largest US rail gateway with access from coast to coast!




Load tracking unique identifier by lot, customer, and product.

You can have confidence in our traceability procedures.

Flush and/or purge guarantees to prevent cross contamination

Lincoln Transload and Processing is reliable and continuously working to bring you the innovations available to process your feed ingredients.

Call 217-414-9324 to discuss your needs and we will work to meet your deadlines.


Organic Certified



Lincoln Transload Processing, LLC

2250 5th Street

Lincoln, Illinois, 62656